Healing Sanctuaries For the New Earth

We are thrilled to announce our participation in The Sacred Blueprint™ for Our New Earth – an 8-Day Free Interview Series! Join us alongside host, Aisha Rose Melodie Hassan, on March 5th, 5pm Istanbul / 9am EST, as we delve into the transformative journey of building healing sanctuaries rooted in the wisdom of nature.

Aisha Rose Melodie Hassan, an Architectress, Alchemical Healer, and Geomancer, resonates deeply with our ethos. Her journey, from traditional architecture practice to a profound realization of the disconnection between architecture and spirituality, mirrors our own quest for holistic design. Through The Sacred Blueprint™, Aisha guides architects and property owners in birthing sanctuaries that bridge the gap between spirit and structure.

A Call to Action to Build Healing Sanctuaries: Honoring Mother Earth

It’s time to acknowledge the pressing issue at hand. Our current approach to property development is flawed, driven by greed and disconnected from the sacred essence of the Earth. But there is hope. Gaia, our Mother and Earth Spirit, beckons us to listen, to join her in the transformative process of birthing a new world. What if we could co-create with her, envisioning a reality where abundance flows, nature thrives, and buildings resonate with life?

Join us in envisioning this harmonious future, where communities, cities, and homes are transformed into healing sanctuaries in partnership with Mother Nature.

Bridging Ancient Wisdom with Modern Innovation

During our interview, we will unveil the essence of our unique design methodology. Drawing from ancient principles and state-of-the-art technologies, we push the boundaries of architectural excellence.

In the tapestry of our design philosophy, we weave various strands of wellness, creating environments that are holistic sanctuaries in an increasingly urban world. As cities grow and stress mounts, our designs become bridges reconnecting humanity with nature, transforming spaces into havens of healing and safety. Infused with the timeless wisdom of sacred geometry and the harmony of biomimicry, our spaces resonate with universal energy and nature’s rhythm. Advanced healing solutions and biohacking technologies turn our buildings into rejuvenating sanctuaries.

Envisioning a Harmonious Future

What could this look like? Imagine a beautiful world flowing with abundance, rich with sweet nectars and fruits, where birds are singing, where children are laughing and playing outside in nature amongst buildings that breathe like plants and gardens filled with nourishing food and fountains of paradise!

What would our homes, communities, cities look like if they were transformed into healing sanctuaries in partnership with Mother Nature?

Geometric Models is honored to be sponsoring this series. Since geometry is omnipresent in mother nature (from the spirals of the galaxies, to pine cones, sunflowers, honeycombs to the structure of subatomic particles and molecules) Geometric Models has been devoting its efforts to improving the understanding of geometry through its unique tools that enhance perception and visualization of this occurrence.

Don’t miss out on this transformative event! Reserve your free ticket now and join us on this journey of inspiration, wisdom, and transformation. Together, let’s build sanctuaries that resonate with the essence of both individuals and the natural world, harmonizing with the evolving needs of our planet and its inhabitants.

With anticipation and excitement,

Can and Jodie xx