Can Bolel

can bolel resonance architecture

•Expertise in sacred geometry and its multidimensional integration into resonance architecture and urban design

•Proficiency in 3D visualization and modelling technologies

•Ability to find optimal solutions for the needs of the community and create heart-centered, transformative spaces for the future generations

Trishana Suman

Content Strategy Director and Communications Muse

Trishana is a new earth steward, communications queen, and intuitive guide.

She has a strong belief in the greater potential of humanity as a whole, as well as in the good and evolving powers of transmutation. All of the copy Trishana creates is seeded with that intention. Which is why Inphinity Design are proud to have her as our Content Strategy Director and Communications Muse.

With more than 10 years of experience with the California Government, serving in various roles from analysis to operations to managerial support, she brings a broad scope of hard and soft skills to many conscious brands and businesses.

She has also spent the past 7+ years learning from and connecting with Shamans in California, Bali, and South America, studying the development of psychic and intuitive skills, learning and teaching the precepts of tantra and conscious sexuality, and utilizing Human Design and Gene Keys to support others in cultivating their innate and natural gifts, feeling a deep sense of personal empowerment, and feeling a greater understanding of fulfillment and purpose overall.

Having written her first astrology article for her middle school newspaper at age 13, using words to paint a picture for others has always felt natural and has long provided her with a deep sense of purpose by way of exploring the creative potentials, and the power, of ‘the word.’

Trishana brings a multi-disciplinary history to support the growth and trajectory of businesses and organizations that are contributing to the heart-led collective evolution, focusing on the greater well-being of our planet, and having a fundamental intent on bridging the material and the spiritual.

•10+ years of experience with California Government in various roles

•Experienced in Human Design and Gene Keys to support others in cultivating their innate gifts

She infuses all of her copywriting with the intention of supporting the greater potential of humanity and the evolving powers of transmutation