The Science

Discover the Science of Resonance Architecture

Architecture that resonates, heals & Transforms

At this pivotal time in architecture, we are witnessing that by creating spaces based on the pure principles of natural vibratory design, we cultivate a sacred environment that resonates with our bodies, minds, and spirits. We can literally design to raise the vibration of our homes, the wellness of the inhabitants, and ultimately create a healthier planet.

After all, we spend most of our lives indoors, so it's time to start caring for our second skin, the spaces we occupy every day.

Today, our scientists know that our DNA is primarily inactive, and we only use a small part of our brain capacity. And interestingly enough, we have supporting studies that particular frequency/resonance activates our neurochemistry and even our DNA!

Architecture has become a soulless money-making machine, as it stopped caring about the inhabitant's needs of pure regenerative environments. But with mysterious health conditions and inhabitable cities on the rise, we are waking up and now demanding healthier spaces to reside in.

A new era is being born to reshape our living ecologies by inviting us to return to the natural dynamics of life and architecture.

What is Resonance

Everything is a Vibration

Today, we know that our consciousness is a radio that radiates and feeds into frequencies every second, and more interestingly, that frequency directly correlates with our environment!

Have you ever wondered why Tibetan bowls start to vibrate as they unfold their magical tones in response to a particular movement around them? Or how a violist produce all graciousness in symphony from static metal strings?

When our bodies experience resonance, our cells cultivate a harmonic structure within like an instrument, forming a healing environment for cellular regeneration.

Resonance occurs when a vibrating object causes another nearby object to start vibrating at a higher amplitude. In fact, everything vibrates at a microscopic scale, as the whole universe conducts a glorious symphony every second, whether we see it or not.


Earth's Pulse


The Schumann frequency, an Earth-generated ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) phenomenon, is a crucial element in the health of our planet's ecosystems. Originating from interactions between lightning and the ionosphere, these frequencies are naturally harnessed by trees and vast ecosystems, illustrating nature's ingenious use of this energy for maintaining ecological balance and vitality.

Human structures, too, can tap into this energy by adopting designs resonant with these frequencies. This integration in buildings and architecture not only aligns our living environments with Earth's natural rhythms but also amplifies the well-being of their occupants. Embracing the Schumann frequency in our built environment marks a step towards harmonizing our lives with the fundamental rhythms of nature.


Nature is our Greatest Teacher

Nature itself is the master conductor of this divine harmony, guiding the creation of most resonant systems from micro to macro level in each pixel of its creation.

All living systems play a role in this grand symbiotic orchestra of existence, contributing to each other's evolution and benefit.

At nature's core of blueprints of life, we witness a great sense of interconnected dance of supportive systems. It is as if nature is guiding humanity to shift our old-school competitive, separation-based consciousness into a new paradigm of interconnected symbiosis.

It's time to remember the language of creation in our lives from the architecture of our homes, the foods we eat and how we connect with each other.

Language of Creation

Self Similarity, Fractal systems

When we look closely enough, we start to see repeating and similar patterns in every scale of creation. From tree branches to human lungs, to our cellular structure to planetary systems, we can see the similarities and overlapping shapes as a consistent geometrical language in the construction of beauty and life.

Fractals are a fundamental growth pattern of life, and this is how nature constructs the most productive arrangement patterns - for sometimes, carry the most nutrition to their cells and sometimes shoot the fastest nerve impulses in the neural network in our brain.

It is as if all life is conscious and has already mastered the best design practices to conduct its operations.

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Our Methodology

Sacred Geometry

We embrace sacred geometry in our architectural designs, harnessing the universe's mathematical principles and vibrational energies to create spaces that resonate with life's core dynamics, fostering transformative self-healing and well-being.

Ancient Wisdom

Our designs are deeply rooted in the wisdom of ancient temples and the harmonizing principles of Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui, creating spaces that actively channel universal life forces like Chi and Prana, ensuring environments that resonate with both Earth's natural energies and human well-being.


By integrating biophilic principles, ours designs resonate deeply with both the human spirit and physical well-being, leading to spaces that enhance neurochemistry, cellular health, air quality, and foster an environment of reduced stress and heightened creativity and productivity.


Biomimicry emulates nature's forms and proportions to shape our spaces, a practice that has led to groundbreaking advancements in efficiency, productivity, and sustainability, reflecting nature's genius in holding and utilizing life force energy.


Our designs focus on multisensory experiences that align with nature, transforming ordinary spaces into serene, healing environments for the holistic well-being.

Natural Materials

Non-toxic, natural materials that breathe like nature are foundational to us, creating enduring, resilient structures that go beyond mere construction to serve as rejuvenating wellness retreats, actively enhancing health and well-being.


Our designs transcend sustainability, focusing on regenerative designs that produce more energy than they consume and minimize waste, thereby creating self-sufficient buildings that not only respond to climate change but also actively contribute to healthier living environments and communities.


We source the latest healing technologies, from vortex-based water harmonizers to fractal dust in cement mixtures, transforming living environments with harmonious morphogenic fields. We integrate a spectrum of health-enhancing features like EMF blocking, sensory deprivation, color therapy and more.

Scientific Studies

a New Era has been unfolding

Many pioneers have been dedicating their lives to present jaw-dropping results of these methodologies by harnessing and cultivating the life force energy, resulting in enhanced cell behavior and health, but also significantly enhancing seed growth, creating greater abundance in resources and overall well-being of living systems.

Pyramid Shape Harmonics

Dr. Alexander Golod, Ph.D., has conducted extensive research on pyramids in Russia and Ukraine since 1990, overseeing the construction of over twenty large pyramids across eight different sites.

Key findings from these studies involving Golod’s pyramids include:

  • Enhanced Immune Function: Exposure within the pyramid has been observed to bolster the immune system of organisms. This was studied by the Scientific Research Institute named after Mechnikov, under the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.
  • Improved Medicinal Properties: Medications exposed in the pyramid demonstrated enhanced effectiveness with reduced side effects, as researched by the SRI of Virology named after Ivanovskiy, affiliated with the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.
  • Increased Agricultural Yields: Seeds stored in the pyramid showed a yield increase of 30-100%.
  • Environmental Impact: A significant energy column detected above the pyramids by Russian military radar is thought to have contributed to repairing the ozone layer in Russia.
  • Reduced Pathogenicity of Viruses and Bacteria: Pathogens exposed to the pyramid environment exhibited diminished virulence.
  • Decrease in Radioactivity: Radioactive materials showed reduced levels of radioactivity after being placed in the pyramid.
  • Physical Material Changes: Physicists noted marked alterations in the superconductivity temperature thresholds and properties of semiconducting materials and carbon nanomaterials.
  • Unique Water Properties: Water inside the pyramid remains in a liquid state even at temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius but will freeze instantly if disturbed.

Ancient cultures recognized the relationship between geometric shapes and subtle energy, believing specific forms could create energy fields. This concept is echoed in modern technology, where geometrically shaped antennas use resonance to transmit signals.

Bioarc Studies

Led by the exceptional bioarchitect and energy researcher Juan Schlosser, a key member of our team, BioArc has conducted pioneering research in the field of bioarchitecture.

This research uniquely focuses on the influence of shape and material on energetic dynamics of the spaces and human well-being. The following are some notable outcomes from the experiments conducted by Juan Schlosser and his team at BioArc:

Emf Studies

Under the guidance of renowned partners, Somavedic has conducted extensive research, validated by independent laboratories, showcasing its positive impact on health and wellbeing. 

Particularly a study involving a 90-minute exposure to the Somavedic Medic device, demonstrated significant improvements in erythrocyte sedimentation in blood cells, indicating reduced EMF stress. Participants also reported feeling more rested and rejuvenated, underscoring the device’s potential in promoting cellular health and overall well-being.

Water Harmoniser Studies

The “Water Imploder” harnesses sacred geometry and a magnetic array to transform regular water into a bioavailable form, enriched with life force energy through vortex-based dynamics.

This unique technology, based on phase conjugate hydrodynamics and magnetics, restructures water molecules to enhance plant growth and seed germination.

By increasing molecular order and spin density, it becomes an effective tool not only for agricultural purposes but also for revitalizing domestic water supplies.

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At this pivotal time in architecture, we are witnessing that by creating spaces based on the pure principles of natural vibratory design, we cultivate a sacred environment that resonates with our bodies, minds, and spirits.

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