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How Our Methodology Transforms Lives

At the heart of every space lies the potential to inspire & heal

Our unique design methodology harnesses the power of sacred geometry and biophilic principles to create environments that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also deeply impactful. This page showcases the compelling statistics and research that underpin our approach, illustrating the profound effect our design methodology can have on productivity, well-being, and overall life quality.

Health and Wellbeing

The Power of Nature-Infused Spaces

Our well-being flourishes with regular access to nature, providing a natural shield against the stress and pollutants of modern life. A multisensory approach in architecture enhances life quality, enjoyment and processing fluency.


Nature is crucial for psychological well-being and with the majority of the world’s population spending 95% of their time indoors we need to create a resonance with nature in our spaces.

Our mental health is impacted by our built environment and buildings can act as the first line of therapy with design playing a crucial role in alleviating trauma. In the US alone 61% of US adults have experienced at least one type of adverse childhood experience and a 10% reduction in childhood trauma can save $56 billion in healthcare costs.

With wellness tourism valued at $651 billion and predicted to hit $1.3 trillion by 2025, now is the time to design spaces to meet the needs of this rapidly growing industry.

Biophilic design studies show just five plants in an average-sized home can increase air quality by around 75% and mental health by 60%, as well as the following benefits:



Paving the Way to a Sustainable Future

Architecture is key in combating climate change, with buildings accounting for 40% of global energy use and 33% of greenhouse gas emissions.

With the sustainable building market projected to reach $1.38 trillion by 2025 it is becoming the expectation for buildings of the future to be not just sustainable but regenerative. 

  • Investing in regenerative solutions yields long-term benefits, both environmentally and financially, leading to substantial cost savings over time.

  • By shifting just 20% of heating to clean electricity-powered heat pumps could cut CO2 emissions by 9%.
  • This transition, combined with smart technologies, promises not only environmental benefits but also significant health advantages, potentially saving €3 billion in health costs due to reduced air pollution by 2030.

  • Prioritizing green construction and decarbonizing existing structures is crucial in our fight against climate change.

  • Green-certified buildings have shown a 26% increase in cognitive scores.

Urban Sprawl

Nature’s efficient Blueprint

Biomimicry fractal-based urban design offers solutions by learning from nature’s 3.8 billion years of evolution mimicking nature’s closed-loop systems by replicating the efficiency of natural ecosystems.

The adoption of natural system patterns lead to the development of urban spaces that are both sustainable and ecologically sound. Utilizing designs inspired by leaf formations significantly boosts the functionality, productivity, and sustainability of urban systems.

Mimicking natural patterns allows us to use resources efficiently, enhance quality of life, and improve environmental sustainability. This approach minimizes waste, maximizes recycling, and offers energy-efficient solutions that adapt to climate change, leading to significant cost savings.


Elevating Profits

trauma-informed architecture

Creating productive and creative environments

The study of sacred geometry shows that exposure to certain geometrical shapes, like the golden ratio, can enhance creativity and cognitive performance. This combined with biophilic design principles has a huge impact on:

Our design methodology doesn’t just alter spaces – it revolutionizes lifestyles, wellbeing, and business success.

The statistics and research provided here are more than just numbers; they are a narrative of real-world impact and transformation. As we continue to innovate and apply these life-enhancing principles, we invite you to be a part of this extraordinary journey. 

Together, let’s create spaces that aren’t just places to live and work but environments that breathe life, foster connection, and nurture the human spirit. 

Join us in shaping a world where design isn’t just seen but is felt, experienced, and lived every day.

Sacred Geometry

We embrace sacred geometry in our architectural designs, harnessing the universe's mathematical principles and vibrational energies to create spaces that resonate with life's core dynamics, fostering transformative self-healing and well-being.

Ancient Wisdom

Our designs are deeply rooted in the wisdom of ancient temples and the harmonizing principles of Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui, creating spaces that actively channel universal life forces like Chi and Prana, ensuring environments that resonate with both Earth's natural energies and human well-being.


By integrating biophilic principles, ours designs resonate deeply with both the human spirit and physical well-being, leading to spaces that enhance neurochemistry, cellular health, air quality, and foster an environment of reduced stress and heightened creativity and productivity.


Biomimicry emulates nature's forms and proportions to shape our spaces, a practice that has led to groundbreaking advancements in efficiency, productivity, and sustainability, reflecting nature's genius in holding and utilizing life force energy.


Our designs focus on multisensory experiences that align with nature, transforming ordinary spaces into serene, healing environments for the holistic well-being.

Natural Materials

Non-toxic, natural materials that breathe like nature are foundational to us, creating enduring, resilient structures that go beyond mere construction to serve as rejuvenating wellness retreats, actively enhancing health and well-being.


Our designs transcend sustainability, focusing on regenerative designs that produce more energy than they consume and minimize waste, thereby creating self-sufficient buildings that not only respond to climate change but also actively contribute to healthier living environments and communities.


We source the latest healing technologies, from vortex-based water harmonizers to fractal dust in cement mixtures, transforming living environments with harmonious morphogenic fields. We integrate a spectrum of health-enhancing features like EMF blocking, sensory deprivation, color therapy and more.

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An Architectural Biohacking Journey

At this pivotal time in architecture, we are witnessing that by creating spaces based on the pure principles of natural vibratory design, we cultivate a sacred environment that resonates with our bodies, minds, and spirits.

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