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Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team all share the same vision of a world where we can live in harmony and evolve into the greatest versions of ourselves through the graceful hand of resonance architecture.

Can Bolel

Director of Urban Design & Architecture

Jodie Louise

Operations Manager & Strategic Marketing Advisor

Dr. Tolga Cilingir

Urban Designer and Planner

Merve Tekin

Vastu Shastra Healing Bioarchitect

Arturo León

Geophilia Bioarchitect, Engineer and Psychologist

Lydia León

Geophilia Holistic Architect

Juan Schlosser

Bioarchitect and Sacred Geometry Architect

Sovereign Aardema

Syntropic Farming Expert and Regenerative Culture Consultant

Edgar Flury

Business Engineer, Values and Culture Consultant

Cagan Birand Perkkucuk

3D Architectural Visualization Designer and Engineer

Trishana Suman

Content Strategy Director and Communications Muse

Joshua Smith

Brand Strategist Consultant & Designer