The Abundancia Regenerative Eco Resort

The New Earth Abundancia Regenerative Eco Resort is being developed as a showcase for utilizing regenerative building solutions.

The New Earth Abundancia Regenerative Eco Resort is being developed as a showcase for utilizing biophillic architecture, local and natural building materials, permaculture principles, and renewable energy solutions.

We are deeply excited to be the architecture and design partner for this incredible project with New Earth Development. Spanning over 20 acres with awe-inspiring ocean, river, and mountain views, it’s a mere 10-minute drive from the vibrant wellness lifestyle destination of Nosara, Costa Rica.

Designed to face todays housing challenges of environmental destruction, toxic building materials, a disconnection from nature, and a yearning for self-sufficiency. This is a blueprint for regenerative, healthy, and connected spaces to reshape living ecologies. Spaces for people to experience and learn about the future of architecture and built environments.

There will be 28 rentals, ranging from 600 sq ft domes to a 6,000 sq ft grand villa. Event, retreat, and healing spaces are woven into the landscape, along with a permaculture food forest and thriving gardens, inviting guests to connect with the land and themselves.

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The team, having collectively participated in over $7B of development projects globally, brings unparalleled expertise. This includes 16 sustainable developments, 7 in Costa Rica, led by the top luxury hospitality developer in the country and a builder with two decades of experience in the region.

Furthermore, this project is a crucial step towards the larger vision of a 2,400+ acre eco-village, the Abundancia Regenerative Community. Encompassing residential, commercial, and hospitality elements, it will provide food, water, and energy sustainably from the land. This enables residents to live in harmony with nature and each other, creating a model for sustainable living. The project will also grace the west coast of Costa Rica, adding to its allure.

The New Earth Development team is welcoming conversations with investors interested in supporting regenerative and boutique hospitality development. If that is you, send us a message, and we’ll put you in touch!

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