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Resonance Architecture is a new revolutionary blueprint for the generations to come…

Spaces have the power to enhance your bliss, or even to rob you of it. We merge the wisdom of sacred geometry and ancient temples with the needs of the community and future generations to create a better world for all of us. Inphinity Design invites you to embark upon an alchemical journey of resonance architecture to design resonant sanctuaries that serve the needs of tomorrow.



Resonance Architecture

We utilize sacred geometry, bioarchitecture and Vastu Shastra tools to align with nature to provide a more coherent human-centric and natural healing environment for optimal health, in order to cultivate a higher quality of resonance for living, learning, and healing.

Luxury Interior Design

Spaces are luxuriously designed with nature's algorithmic language (sacred geometry) for a positive effect on natural healing, human homeostasis, equilibrium, and alignment, evoking serenity, and a harmonious state of mind.

Transformational Wellbeing Centers

World class wellbeing centers, detox facilities, spas, bio-hacking technology, event, and retreat spaces are designed with the intention of creating life changing natural healing experiences to catalyze cellular regeneration and radical metamorphosis.

Urban Design and Masterplan Solutions

Utilizing fractal energy flow patterns of nature's DNA (sacred geometry) to holistically design symbiotic neighborhood environments cultivates an interconnected web for optimal cellular regeneration, connection, productivity, and human coherence.

Community Opportunities Analysis

Analysing the needs of the community ensures belonging, trust and expands what is possible for the generations to come.

Human Centric Marketing Tools

To materialize and transmit your vision into tangible forms, we utilize human centric marketing tools to create a magnetic brand identity, 3D models, renders, video animations and virtual reality presentations to ensure a powerful impact.

Architectural Design Process
Affordability and Time-Efficient Construction
The Enchantment of Dome Architecture
Architectural Design Process


After seeing many attempts in creating these sanctuaries, we noticed that oftentimes, they fail because the creators didn’t align their vision with the fundamental needs of the community.

That is why we have dedicated ourselves to understanding what is required in order to create human-centric spaces of the future using new paradigm innovative design methods.

Resonance architecture is an evolutionary blueprint that focuses on community centered design in alignment with nature.




We deeply appreciate Inphinity Design's involvement in our spaces such as Global Yoga Congress and YogaOne studios, for their commitment to professional efficiency and sensitivity to bring awareness to the design of all types of products and spaces. They have developed the ability to enrich the level of art for its precision, geometry, engineering, and beauty. They have mastered the science and art of conscious futuristic design to create designs, spaces and build brands.

- Jordi Canela, Cofounder of YogaOne & GY Congress

Our entire store has been designed by Can from Inphinity Design, so the decoration in general is designed to sustain this feeling of peace, connection and joy. Personally, I am infinitely grateful. We spend so many hours in our workplace that we must take care of every little detail, as if it were our home. Places can nourish us, transmit us peace or just the opposite. I get up every day with enthusiasm because at work I feel at home. And that is a gift! Our clients say, "what peace I can feel here", "what good energy".

- Adriana Balba, Brand Manager Shambhala Barcelona

"We are giving infinite thanks to Inphinity Design who deeply listen and understand us and the needs of our community, who always create astonishing work and blow our clients' minds away."

- Özgül & Emre SEN, Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributor

"Inphinity Design’s soulful approach has creativity, passion, dedication, hard work and love harmonized in way that reflects all those aspects to your heart. Also has the capacity to surprise you with unique incredible custom and innovative designs. Our customized Living Mandala Temple experience was astonishing. People loved it and spend hours to share and reflect their love on this unique piece of design."

- Uygar Karadeniz, Founder Acaryasati Mindfulness Meditation School

Jodie set about partnering with some challenging departments while providing strategic marketing services and advice. The feedback from department managers was prompt and highly positive, which was of particular note as some had been repeatedly frustrated with previous support from former Marketing Advisers. Jodie's unwavering optimism, broad human centric marketing experience, attention to detail, her pragmatic advice, ability to immediately integrate into a team and work with anyone effectively is a rare talent.

- Hugh McIntosh, City of Adelaide


Our multidisciplinary team all share the same vision of a world where we can all live in harmonious off grid communities that inspire us to live from the heart, while empowering us to align to our true purpose, promote natural healing and support all to evolve into the greatest versions of themselves through the graceful hand of resonance architecture.

We see this alignment as an absolute critical component of success, when we do what we love, success is the only possibility. This is not a job for us -this is our purpose; we go above and beyond to ensure that the needs of the community come first.

Can Bolel

Director, Design & Development

Jodie Louise

Wellness Advisor & Operations Manager

Belinda Benjamin

Engagement and Marketing Architectural Coordinator

Kelly Krezek

Regenerative Building Development Consultant

Paola Ulloa

Senior Architect, Interior Designer & Feng Shui Consultant

Zeynep Cetinkaya

Architect & AI Technologies Expert

Merve Tekin

Vastu Shastra Healing Bioarchitect

Juan Schlosser

Sacred Geometry Architect

Sovereign Aardema

Syntropic Farming Expert and Regenerative Culture Consultant

Hannah Hoeschle

Interior Architect and Designer

Elizabeth Reizinger

Urban Transformation Architect and Permaculture Strategist

Travis Grant

Community Systems Architect

Edgar Flury

Business Engineer, Values and Culture Consultant

Trishana Suman

Content Strategy Director and Communications Muse

Cagan Birand Perkkucuk

3D Architectural Visualization Designer and Engineer

Joshua Smith

Brand Strategist Consultant & Designer

Ferhan Bülbül

Chief of Accounting and Finance Strategy

Dylan Tull

Futuristic Strategist & Creative Technologist


Community Centered Design

We strive to create holistic spaces that foster human consciousness, using a human-centric approach that combines science and spirituality. We are dedicated to supporting this global transition through the alchemical language of creation.

Holistic Design that Manifests

We utilize human-centric marketing tools with a deep understanding of the needs of the community to ensure your highest visions will manifest into reality.

A Natural Healing Approach

Advanced natural healing technologies enhance the ambiance and feel of spaces, creating regenerative spaces of tomorrow beyond sustainability. This restores harmony on the planet and cultivates coherent environments.

Honoring Ancient Wisdom

We draw on the universal language of sacred geometry like ancients used to build ancient temples to enhance their quality of life and evolutionary potential. We weave this interconnected wisdom to create natural healing spaces for the pioneers of tomorrow.

Bridging a New Reality

We share your vision of creating transformational healing spaces to advance planetary wellbeing. Each design is created with a human-centric focal point of supporting individuals to thrive, fostering expansive spaces for the collective, perpetuating structures that offer a greater future for us all.

An Authentic Co-creative Journey

Compassionate, authentic, and transparent communication is at the forefront of our collaborative philosophy, this is to ensure that you feel heard, understood, and have an easeful, harmonious co-creative journey with us.

"When structures are designed from the realization of the intrinsic energetic aspects that exist throughout nature, we will naturally re-enter into a regenerative/symbiotic relationship with our environment, thus revealing the ultimate purpose of bio-architecture."

- Juan Schlosser, Bioarc

"The universe is connected and alive and we are a part of the metric of space."

- Nassim Haramein, Resonance Science Foundation

"When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty but when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong."

- R. Buckminster Fuller

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

- Nikola Tesla

"We resonate at both cellular and consciousness levels with our environment. Certain forms – thanks to their proportions or their geometry, or both – can evoke favorable responses."

- Bernhard Rustige, IBIZALIVING

"Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music."

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

"Form must have a content, and that content must be linked with nature."

- Alvar Aalto

"Architecture is not based on concrete and steel, and the elements of the soil. It’s based on wonder."

- Daniel Libeskind

"The Sun does not realise how wonderful it is until after a room is made"

- Louis Kahn

"They are very professional with the design of Sacred Geometry of Aiki Wellness Center, the study was deep and allowed us to achieve a great energy of peace and healing that is perceived in the center."

- Sasa Sato, Aiki Wellness Center

"In Keme IX we are very grateful with the divine synchronicity that was generated in relation to our project that was created with the intention of service to the Great spirit and the expansion of consciousness of humanity. In our search for the development of our architectural project, we hired Geophilia, as well as the design according to the principle of Sacred Geometry of our land and concept. The creation of a mandala, with the vocal frequencies of the founders, has been a great contribution to our project, since the energy and frequencies distributed in our Holistic Chakra Healing Center are of great support for our sessions of spiritual emotional healing work."

- Jordi Vilar, Keme IX


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