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The Inphinity Design Journey

Our team of experienced architects and designers takes a collaborative approach to the architectural design process, working closely with you to understand your unique needs and vision. 

Our architectural design process is characterized by nature’s scientifically proven resonant language, focusing on creating beautiful, elegant, regenerative, and functional spaces that enhance your life. 

Whether you’re building a new home, a retreat and wellness center, or a luxury hotel, we’re committed to delivering an architectural design process that is both efficient and harmonious at every moment.

Stage 1 - Project DNA Analysis

During this stage of the architectural design process, the core values, purpose, goals, intentions, themes, features, legal regulations, and budget are established.

Project Scope and Questionnaire

First we gather your requirements and preferences to ensure the design meets your needs with a detailed questionnaire, brainstorming sessions and mood board.

Market Data and Legal Framework

A thorough analysis of political, economic, socio-cultural, and technological factors and local and regional regulations is implemented to identify any core strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, or threats. In addition, a competitor analysis is conducted for larger scale projects to identify further opportunities and supportive data for potential investment.

Defining the Client Profile

During this stage of the architectural design process, the collected data is analyzed to create a comprehensive client profile. This profile helps to define the project's specific requirements and goals, ensuring that the final design exceeds the your expectations.

Stage 2 a) Client Analysis

We carry out a further study with a comprehensive analysis to define the true meaning of the project and ensure the highest resonance.

The Five Element Chart

To understand the sentiment, an in-depth analysis of what elements the project requires to thrive and where elements may be in excess. This supports the selection of colors, shapes, and ambience to achieve a greater coherence between the space and those intended to occupy it.

Voice Harmonics Analysis

The generation of a sacred geometry mandala by voice harmonics analysis is processed with specialized equipment to be used in design elements for optimal alignment.

Creation of Power Symbol

After detailed analysis, a symbol of power is created. This creates the highest resonance between the project and the energies of the project owners.

Presentation to Client

Here we share a presentation of the analysis from Stage 1 and Stage 2 (a) along with concepts for approval.

Stage 2 b) Feasibility & Land Analysis

Feasibility and land studies must be conducted before building to evaluate the project's viability. Factors include topological data, climate trends, social considerations, zoning/regulations, and infrastructural dynamics.

Land Evaluation

Location of areas in the field are identified to maximize the potential of the project. Linking the geometry of the site with that of the analysis to harmonize both forces and give life and harmony to every element.

Geobiological Areas

Here the location of geophysical anomalies, identification of explosion/implosion points, location of ideal areas for construction, and distribution of spaces are established to identify areas that can be negative for health and wellbeing so they can be avoided.

Geometric Considerations

A template of mathematical and geometrical lines from the geobiological analysis helps to locate the optimal energetic layout of the space and the orientation.

Auspicious Layout

Strategies for auspicious layout, according to ancient techniques of Mesoamerican and Oriental Architecture (Sthapatya Veda, Feng Shui) as well as a study of the Form School System, are considered in order to create the best flow of movement and energy in the land.

Design and Construction Team

The design and construction team is established based on the project scope.

Stage 3 - Preliminary Architectural Design

Here we integrate the analysis and design considerations, to determine the most harmonious design elements to create a functional masterplan and conceptual design.

Synthesizing Data and Study

Through testing alternative design solutions, we determine the preferred preliminary design and master plan for achieving the established goals and intentions.

Conceptual Design

Conceptual design commences with various alternative options and solutions to choose from. This can include a presentation of various preliminary models, sketches, videos, 3D renders, virtual reality
experience and diagrams.


The main goal of the masterplan is to determine the best possible solution in terms of function and form and create a blueprint that functions as a whole being. Different functions are placed according to their frequency, creating various energy centers. From the start of design initiation, we consider all the principles of sustainable design and permaculture to create a regenerative structure.

Bioclimatic and Passive Design

Bioclimatic design is considered, including orientation, materials, and opening areas. Furthermore, according to the climatic needs, various passive design techniques are incorporated in order to minimize the heating and cooling loads.

Permaculture & Biomimicry Design

We will observe the dynamics of the structure of the elements, that is, how the different elements that make up that system behave over time. This approach includes capturing and storing energy, allowing the greatest accumulation of material resources (water, soil, nutrients, plants, and animals) with the least human intervention.

Ecological and Sustainable Material Selection

We carefully select materials and finishes that are as natural as possible, with the lowest levels of off-gassing and negative side effects for health. That way, we create spaces with high air quality which ensure optimal health and wellbeing.

Preliminary Cost of Works

Once approval of conceptual design and masterplan is obtained a costing of works is provided.

Final Presentation

To materialize and transmit the vision into tangible forms, we create magnetic visuals, finalized 3D models, renders, and video animations using cutting edge technology and virtual reality presentations.

Stage 4 - Schematic Designs and Executive Project

This stage consists of the architectural plans, drafter appointments, and technical drawings for the execution of the construction with final dimensions and the type of construction.

Based on the guidelines of bioclimatic architecture and renewable energies, construction materials will be suggested to stabilize the resultant indoor temperature and obtain an ideal comfort zone temperature in the interiors. Furthermore, alternative energy generation systems will also be recommended.

From here, detailed costs and estimates will be provided for final client and agency approval before construction can commence.


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