Embarking on Our Architectural Journey

Important Information and Next Steps


Dear Cristina,

It’s with great excitement that we present to you our architectural program, the stages of design, and our proposed agreement for your review.

This serves as a roadmap, fostering mutual understanding and providing clarity on our shared commitments. We invite any queries you might have – our team is ready to address them promptly.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. We’re committed to making this journey delightful and successful for all involved.

With warmest regards,

Jodie & Can

Architectural Program For Casa Timis

Preliminary Masterplan
The Architectural Program commences with a preliminary study of the masterplan, inclusive of the unknown development behind the new reception area, laying the groundwork for further development and expansion of the facilities. 

The goal of this stage is to propose ideal options that enhance the harmony of the site and curate an immersive and unforgettable user journey. Our design considerations strive to make the experience as aligned and breathtaking as possible.


The architectural program proposes the development of approximately 800-1000 sqm of bungalow space, accommodating 20 rooms potentially distributed with different room configurations. With an average area of 30-50 sqm, these bungalows are designed for maximum service access efficiency. 

They are strategically located close to the pool area, with some rooms offering enchanting views of the pool from the south side of the property. We aim to create a new concept design that complements the existing structures whilst also proposing optional room configurations to cater to a diverse range of client needs.


Wellness Area
The wellness area, approximately 1100 sqm in size that will be defined based on the land analysis, will be an oasis of rejuvenation, integrating both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

This includes a curved epic pool bridging indoor and outdoor zones, connecting jacuzzis, a beach area with lounges and a pool bar. A dramatic statement elevator entry corridor greets visitors, leading to four unique saunas/steam rooms, a grand corridor of showers or hydrotherapy circuits, 1-2 romantic rooms for couples, and a serene relaxation room. 

In addition, there are changing/locker rooms equipped with toilets and showers, as well as intriguing water curtain features. 

For younger guests, a dedicated children’s area with waterslides and other water-based activities is designed for fun and engagement. The overall design incorporates water features with rocks, bridges, and more, creating a unique wellness landscape. This stage also involves proposing detox-wellness packages and menus, and presenting available cutting-edge healing technologies.

General storage, dedicated storage for daybeds, staff and service areas to be considered in design elements.


Activity and Fire Space
The Activity and Fire Space will be approximately 100 sqm (2 rooms), serving as a recreational hub for adults and adolescents. It features a range of amenities for relaxation and play, such as billiard tables, chess areas, and even a rock climbing section. 

A circular fire area with seating facilitates, communal interactions and storytelling, creates a warm, convivial environment that invites guests to enjoy the moment and engage with each other.

Stages of Design Process

STAGE 1 - In-depth Project Analysis and Preliminary Conceptual Design

In Stage 1 we define project details, conduct and in depth client and market analysis, address legal requirements, evaluate the land, and synthesize data for optimal design opportunities. The ultimate goal is to develop a well-researched, detailed, and aesthetically pleasing conceptual design that aligns with your vision, while also complying with regulatory requirements and local market trends. Finally presenting an 80+ page document with all findings, preliminary masterplans, and conceptual designs.

Comprehensive Project Definition

We begin with a comprehensive definition of project details, utilizing tools such as questionnaires, mood boards, and brainstorming sessions. This collaborative approach aids in defining the project's vision, mission, and goals, allowing us to fully understand and exceed your expectations.

5 Elements & Voice Harmonics Client Analysis

A unique service we offer includes a 5 elements chart for harmonious elemental flow, utilizing ancient methods, a voice harmonics analysis and the generation of a power symbol to be incorporated within the design elements. Based on the finding of your vocal frequency patterns and personal signature we bring your vibrational characteristics and cohesive energy flow patterns in your space for the most harmonious and aligned environment. This analysis is for 2 people, but if you would like to include additional members of your family or company, this will be an additional €800 per person.

Market Research

We conduct extensive market research to analyze opportunities, the competitor landscape, hotel trends, regenerative technologies, and market needs. Understanding the target market and local trends enables us to optimize return on investment and client satisfaction.

Legal Compliance

To ensure regulatory compliance and workflow efficiency, we undertake an extensive review of local building regulations/agency approval requirements. This safeguards against potential legal issues and minimizes project delays.

Land Evaluation

The land evaluation phase includes topographical mapping and drone scans. Identifying specific areas in the field allows us to fully utilize the project's potential. We collect local climate data and study the area's natural dynamics. We also offer, upon request, astrological analysis and geobiological land studies via our partners for a more holistic understanding of the site.

Synthesis of Data and Determination of Design Principles

In synthesizing the amassed data, we conscientiously start to formulate regenerative design solutions for optimal functionality and the maximum outcome. Our design principles center on environmental harmony, effective utilization of resources, and an enhanced user journey. We strive to create a project that respects its natural surroundings, maximizes efficiency, and ensures a gratifying, intuitive user experience. By doing so, we ensure our designs not only align with client and regional demands but also foster environmental stewardship, economical use of space, and ultimate user satisfaction.

Preliminary Conceptual Design Development

The culmination of our thorough analysis process leads us to the conceptual design phase, where we bring the project's vision to life. This phase involves developing and testing a variety of possible designs and space solutions in the form of sketches/drawings,  and conceptual 3D renders, help to crystallize the spatial layout, scale, and relationship between the various components of the, site, buildings, and surrounding context. Throughout this cocreative journey, we will share ideas with you and involve your presence to ensure we are going in the right direction.

Presentation and Revision

The comprehensive presentation of our preliminary design ideas and analysis will be presented in person for approval in Romania. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this 80+ page presentation illustrates the architectural narrative we have constructed for you to evaluate new design solutions and ideas for the design program. From the grand overarching concepts down to the nuanced details, we unfold the architectural journey, each page serving as a visual testament to the thoughtful design process. 

Following the presentation, we listen carefully to your feedback, assimilating your insights and considerations into the design. If required, we undertake the necessary adjustments and changes, ensuring the design accurately encapsulates your vision and meets all requirements. This collaborative revision process ensures a seamless transition into Stage 2.

STAGE 2 - Architectural Conceptual Design

Stage 2 is the evolution of our conceptual ideas into a more tangible and detailed form. This stage involves refining and finalizing the masterplan, creating detailed 2D architectural plans, developing 3D models and renders, and finally consolidating all the material into a comprehensive presentation. This stage brings us closer to the actualization of our shared vision, transforming conceptual ideas into a framework ready for implementation.

2D Conceptual Design

The final 2D conceptual designs for each space offer a detailed view of the proposed architectural layout, serving as an important tool for the construction team to add engineering details. They encapsulate the spatial dynamics, proportions, and the intricate interrelationship between various architectural elements.

3D Models and Renders

Following the approval of 2D plans, we transform these flat representations into 3D models and renders. By providing 2-3 perspectives of each area to scale, we create a tangible visualization of the space, aiding in understanding the proposed interior design elements. These 3D models act as a bridge between the abstract and the concrete, allowing stakeholders to envision the completed project with greater clarity.

Final Masterplan

Here we finalize the masterplan with all approved details. This masterplan is meticulously designed to provide comprehensive information to the internal construction team for efficient implementation of further engineering details. A unique aspect of our design methodology involves the use of fractal geometry, resonating with the innate patterns of nature and fostering an aesthetic of harmony and balance. The placement of different functions in the masterplan is determined by their frequency, creating a living blueprint that serves as a functional and holistic guide for the construction process.

Comprehensive Final Presentation

Upon approval of the masterplan, 2D plans, and 3D models, we create a final, comprehensive presentation. This extensive study consolidates all models, renders, and data into a cohesive dossier, providing a panoramic view of the architectural journey, from inception to its current stage. This marks the successful culmination of Stage 2.

Lets Begin Our Journey